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Question word “Which?”

Question words “Hvilke”, “Hvilken”, “Hvilket”

All the words mentioned above mean “Which?”. In Norwegian, we have to change the word “Which?” depending on the gender of a noun (masculine, feminine or neuter) and the number of a noun (singular or plural).

More examples:

Hvilken? Hvilken skole studerer du på?
Which school are you studying in?
Neuter Hvilket? Hvilket land kommer du fra?
Which country do you come from?
(all genders)
Hvilke? Hvilke språk snakker du?
What languages do you speak?

Note the difference:

  • Hvilket språk? Which/What language?
  • Hvilke språk?Which/What languages?

Also, we say “Hvilke språk?” – “What languages?”, not “Hva språk?”. So, in some cases, “Hvilken?” can be translated as “What?”.

14 thoughts on “Question word “Which?””

  1. Adrian Beckett (English in Bergen)

    Hvilket universitet studerer du på?
    Me: Jeg skal studerer på i Volda University College én måned. Og du? Studerer?

    Hvilket land kommer du fra?
    Me: Jeg kommer du fra Norfolk (det ‘Norsk folk’?) i England.

    Hvilke språk snakker du?
    Me: Jeg snakker engelsk og spansk. Jeg snakker lite fransk, italiensk og norsk. (not sure if the adjective is in the right place referring to all 3 languages).

  2. Adrian Beckett (English in Bergen)

    Hi Charlotte,
    I think I was overcomplicating it when I was comparing
    ‘Hvor er du fra?’
    ‘Hvilket land kommer du fra?’
    I see why you would say ‘land’. It means country and you may ask ‘which country’

      1. May I know why in “Hvilket hus bor du i?” you don’t put additional (-er) to the verb? But in “Hvilke farger liker du?” there’s additional (-r) after “like” verb.
        Tusen takk.

        1. Verb tenses are different in Norwegian and we have four regular groups:

          infinitiv presens preteritum perfektum
          Group 1 å kaste kaster kastet har kastet
          Group 2 å like liker likte har likt
          Group 3 å leve lever levde har levd
          Group 4 å bo bor bodde har bodd

          Hope this was helpful:)

    1. Ursula (teacher)

      Hei Abiodun:)
      Great job, it looks like you have understood how to use hvilket og hvilken:) I only have one question, and a small correction for improvement:)

      I’m not sure if I understand what you mean with ‘Hvilket yrke kjenner du?’ – ‘Which professions do you know?’. You can say: ‘Hvilke yrker kjenner du til?’ – ‘which professions do you know about?’. Was this what you meant? 🙂

      Also, remember the prepositions:
      ‘Hvilket land kommer du fra?’ (You did this one correct in your first comment:))
      ‘Hvilken by bor du i?’

    1. Ursula (teacher)

      Great question Alexandro:)
      Yes, ‘hvilke språk snakker du?’ is correct:) (Which languages do you speak?)

      You can use it when you have several options, but in a specific group, similar to ‘which’ in english:
      Hvilken bil er din? (Which car is yours?)
      Hvilken hytte er din?(which cabin is yours?)
      Hvilken farge er din yndlingsfarge?(Which color is your favorite colour?)

      Feel free to ask again if you are still wondering about something:)

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