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Nouns in the plural form

Nouns in the plural form

In Norwegian, most nouns end in -er when they are in the plural form:

Gender: Singular Plural
Masculine en gutt (a boy)  
en skole (a school)
en jente (a girl)
gutter (boys)
skoler (schools)
jenter (girls)
Feminine ei jente (a girl)  
ei dør (a door)
jenter (girls)  
dører (doors)
Neuter et eple (an apple) epler (apples)

Some exceptions:

If a noun ends with -e, we only add -r:

  • en skole – skoler (a school – schools)

Short neuter nouns, that have only one syllable, do not have any ending in the plural:

  • et språk (language) – språk (languages)

Nouns that describe people, their nationalities or professions and end with -er will get another -e in plural:

  • en lærer – lærere (a teacher – teachers)
  • en amerikaner – amerikanere (an American – Americans)

10 thoughts on “Nouns in the plural form”

    1. I can give a simple explanation here.
      In Norwegian, there are a lot of dialects, and especially for feminine nouns, they can also be masculine. This means that you can choose. Here are some examples:
      Ei jente – en jente
      Ei kone – en kone
      Ei lampe – en Lampe
      Ei uke – en uke
      What you choose depends on your dialect:)

      1. Adrian Beckett (English in Bergen)

        Thank you, in Volda I believe they share the dialect of Oslo, so would that mean I can just stick to the masculine.

  1. Muhammed Kilinckaya

    I did not understand the second exception; why dont we use the same word “dør” as the plural form? Isn’t it a short noun with one syllable? and many thanks, obviously:)


        Hi, Thanks for the reply.
        It will be great if i can have a good list of masculine,feminine and neuter nouns with their plurals.This will help for sentence creation better.

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