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Adjectives to describe people

In this lesson you are going to learn some common adjectives to describe people.


gammel – old

ung – young

pen – pretty, handsome

glad – happy; pleased

trist – sad

hyggelig – nice, pleasant

snill – kind

sint – angry

sur – grumpy

sterk – strong

høy – tall; high

lav – short; low

dum – dumb, stupid

flink – skillful; good at something

How to use the word “flink”

You hear “flink” in Norway all the time! “Flink” in Norwegian is used to praise people when they did something well, when they were good at something or just as an encouragement. You can say to children when they try to do something new: Så flink du er! Or you can say it to students in schools when they managed to solve a task. Or to an adult who has just done something well.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are very good at something in general, but that you have done something well.

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