Basic Norwegian for complete beginners

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Welcome to this Norwegian mini-course course for beginners!

After this course you will be able to:

  • say hello and introduce yourself in Norwegian
  • tell where you are from
  • ask someone’s name and where they come from
  • tell where you live
  • name some nationalities and countries in Norwegian
  • ask and answer yes/no questions


  • personal pronouns
  • verb “to be”, “to be called”
  • simple sentences (affirmative and negative)
  • yes/no questions

14 thoughts on “Basic Norwegian for complete beginners”

  1. FINAL Quiz: I could not manipulate the proper answer to the correct question line working on my laptop. The quiz #2 question page is larger than my screen. The answers would not scroll beyond the screen, resulting in the wrong answers locking into place.
    is this program for full computer screens only and not for laptops?
    Does my screen size have to be smaller to accommodate the quizzes?
    thank you.

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