Build your Norwegian Vocabulary

Expand your vocabulary and learn the most important words in Norwegian with flashcards and audios. Keep the words in your long-term memory with engaging exercises. 

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Build your Norwegian vocabulary

What will you get in this course?

23 study sets

The Vocabulary Builder is organised in study sets based on different topics. Check the content list below to see the whole list.

500 Words

In the Vocabulary Builder, you will learn 500 words with flash cards. The flash cards have English translations of all the Norwegian words.

Tasks and Exercises

Each study set has several tasks and excercises that will help you retain the words in your long term memory.

Audio files

We have included audio files for every word. Play the individual audio again and again until you have understood the pronunciation.

Available on all devices

Learn from home

Practice on the go

The vocabulary builder is available on all devices. Take lessons from home or listen to audios and practice with exercises while taking a bus ride. Your learning material is always with you.

Learn Norwegian vocabulary on mobile