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Special use of superlative adjectives

Superlative adjectives

In Norwegian, we can use the superlative degree even when we compare just two things. For example:

  • Hvilken bil er dyrest, Jaguar eller Ferrari?

It may be confusing because in English we would use the comparative degree here: Which car is more expensive, Jaguar or Ferrari? In Norwegian, it is not the case.

  • Hvem er høyest, Anders eller Andreas? – Who is taller, Andres or Andreas?

However, if you use “enn” in a sentence, use the comparative degree:

  • Ferrari er dyrere enn Jaguar. – Ferrari is more expensive than Jaguar.

Definite form in the superlative degree.

Look at this sentence:

  • Geirangerfjorden er en av de vakreste fjordene.

In this sentence, the adjective in superlative (vakreste) has a definite form. As you notice, we have added an ending -e and we use this adjective with the definite article and noun:

  • de vakreste fjordene – the most beautiful fjords.

See more examples:

  • den peneste jenta – the prettiest girl
  • det nyeste huset – the newest house
  • den mest interessante boken – the most interesting book

Compare how we use both forms of superlative in these examples:

  • Maria er yngst av de to jentene. – Maria is the youngest of the two girls.
  • Maria er den yngste jenta av dem. – Maria is the youngest of them.

So remember to use det/den/de + adjective+e + definite noun

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