Norwegian Courses

girl learning norwegian online

Norwegian beginner course – A1

The complete course for beginners. Learn the basics of the Norwegian language, start speaking on most common topics, master the grammar, and build your vocabulary. Get personal feedback from a Norwegian teacher.

A2 Norwegian online course

Norwegian A2 course​

Take your Norwegian skills to the next level by joining our A2 course. This course is perfect for you who have finished the A1 course and want to further improve your Norwegian language skills. You can also get personal feedback from a Norwegian teacher.

Learn Norwegian vocabulary on mobile

Vocabulary Builder

Expand your vocabulary and learn the most important words in Norwegian with flashcards and audios. Keep the words in your long-term memory with engaging exercises.

Learn Norwegian Pronunciation

Norwegian Pronunciation Course

If you already speak Norwegian or have taken a Norwegian course at minimum A1 level and want to improve your pronunciation, this course is for you. After finishing this course, you will have improved Norwegian pronunciation.

Free Norwgian online course

Norwegian for complete beginners (Free)

If you have never learned Norwegian before, this mini-course is right for you. Learn the very basics of the Norwegian language and start making your first sentences in no time!