Norwegian A1 course

“Please” in Norwegian

“Please” in Norwegian? Let’s start by saying that Norwegian doesn’t have an exact equivalent of the word “Please”. We need to use different words or phrases, depending on the situation we are in. We might not need to respond or say anything at all. “Takk” and “Vær så god” When responding to questions or offers, …

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Revision. Units 15 and 16

You will find a worksheet with exercises here: Practice the vocabulary from units 15 and 16 on Quizlet: Practice the verb forms on Quizlet. Download a complete verb list from this course:

Godt å vite! Cultural tips

Leaving tips in a restaurant In Norway, it is very common to pay for your food with a card. When you receive a card terminal, you have to consider if you would like to tip. First, enter the amount you want to pay, and then press your pin code. It is common to leave about …

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